Roger Staubach

Kindness and Grace: A Contagious Superpower

When I was nine years old, I met Roger Staubach. It was a rather unceremonious meeting. I was just a toe-head wimpy kid in a Cowboy’s jersey who happened to stumble onto the set of a television spot (football in hand, by the way).

Well over thirty years later, I still remember vividly Mr. Staubach’s hands popping up into the token sign for “toss me the ball.” Stunned and starstruck, I obliged.

It was a small act of kindness that stuck with me to this day as an example of how we should treat one another.

The world can be an unkind place. Anger and resentment abound. In such a world, those of us who are sensitive to the emotions present around us can suffer the most.

The solution is to be the example we want to see. Shed the light of kindness and grace on the world, and it could free us from our anxiety by delivering us from anger and resentment. It takes courage, but even a small act can make a dramatic impact in the life of others… and it’s contagious.

Be the example of kindness and grace, and see your world change!

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