Destroy your scale

Diet Space: Destroy Your Bathroom Scale

Destroy Your Bathroom Scale

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of diet culture. It’s the “cancel culture” of the food world, and it’s killing us. The idea of tying our success with health and fitness to how much pressure our bodies apply to the earth below us is just insane.

It’s not to say that tracking weight isn’t useful… to a medical professional, who knows how to apply such knowledge. But to people like you and me (assuming you are not a medical professional and you’re not obsessively tracking your weight), it’s more harmful than good.

What is a better measure for health and wellness? How about our happiness? Our fulfilment? The meaning we give to our lives and how that aligns with our actions?

Seriously, get rid of your bathroom scale. Free yourself from the tyranny of obsessive weight control.

We all inherently know how to eat healthy, and complex diets like Keto, intermittent fasting, calorie counting, veganism, and all the others are not magic formulas for a health and happiness. And they’re certainly not simple. What IS simple, however, is what we already inherently know, but can’t quite come to accept – eating more fruits and vegetables, more healthy alternatives to highly processed foods, not eating too much of the highly processed stuff, and not eating too little. Also, key point, don’t eliminate the foods that make you happy.

Do these things and forget about the scale. We need to recognize that the difference between establishing a healthy relationship with food, and establishing an unhealthy relationship with weight control.

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