Adam Hill is an elite amateur triathlete and coach. Since beginning with the sport in 2013, he has quickly risen to the top of the age group ranks, achieving multiple podiums at each distance, and qualifying for the Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. He has inspired many through his story of transformation. At one time unhealthy, fearful, and drowning in the depths of alcoholism, Adam battled anxiety daily. Today he demonstrates through his transformation and continuing example that a healthy, happy, and fit lifestyle is available to anyone who is willing to let go of unhealthy habits, and accept the gift of new life. 

Through his coaching platform, Extra Life Fitness, Adam trains people how to adopt healthy habits that lead to peak physical fitness, greater joy and peace, and optimal mental performance. He is also available to speak about his experience with transformation, overcoming anxiety and addiction, and peak performance.

Adam has developed tools and systems to turn anxiety into a superpower, and it is goal to share those systems with those who still suffer. 

Since learning to reframe his mindset, he have elevated his life in all areas, including relationships, business, leadership, and health, and he’s devoted to helping others do the same. It is his mission to help people articulate their values and purpose, set bold and audacious goals, and execute on an effective plan to achieve them. 

Learn more about Adam in his episode of Ironman: Quest for Kona (2017)