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Shifting Gears: From Anxiety and Addiction to a Triathlon World Championship, available now on Amazon!

My upcoming memoir chronicles my battle with a debilitating anxiety disorder and alcoholism, my transformation through sobriety and triathlon, and my rise to the top of the triathlon world stage – The Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. Look for Shifting Gears to hit the bookshelves in January, 2022!

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Adam Hill

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Coach Adam Hill


Often a shift in mindset is all it takes to allow the pieces to fall into place.

After experiencing a dramatic physical and psychological transformation, I wanted to help others achieve their version of excellence. Since then, I have been coaching triathletes on the philosophies and practices that helped me achieve great success in triathlon. I have built systems from my experiences in fitness, mental health, and business to help people transform their mindset to discover and achieve their goals.


Inspire your team or audience with simple and powerful mindset strategies.

Every personal and professional triumph begins with an empowered mindset. But finding a speaker that inspires teams to take massive action toward big goals is a challenge in and of itself. I have shared my story of extreme transformation with thousands of people through television, media, podcasts, and live events. My goal is not simply to inspire and entertain, but leave audiences with meaningful, actionable methods to train their brains for success. I am available to speak on the topics of mindset, anxiety, fitness, and addiction recovery.

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Adam Hill Family Business


Promoting a culture of care, continuous improvement, and financial sustainability for generations to come.

As a CEO of a fourth generation family business that has been in operation for nearly one hundred years, I am intimately engaged in helping all of our stakeholders succeed. By developing a collaborative, transparent, and empowering workplace, we are opening the door to new opportunities for growth and leadership in the industries we serve. I am always thrilled to connect with other leaders who strive to enrich people’s lives through their service.

“KING OF TRI COMEDY” – Triathlete Magazine

Triathlon is a silly sport. When wearing tights and swimming, biking, and running all day long, it is important that we not take ourselves too seriously. 

My wife Marie and I have been *trying* to entertain our fellow triathletes for many years now through our production of *humorous* triathlon and endurance videos. From changing a tire, to sharing a swim lane, spoofs of popular commercials and TV shows – our content assures that nothing is safe from a little awkward humor.


Watch My Interview with Brian Smith, on The Grief 2 Growth Podcast

Aired 4/1/2022

Anxiety Superhero Blog

Adam Hill

I Hope I Never Recover

Have you ever heard somebody say something that just punches you in the gut of your heart… But, like, in a good way? I heard somebody say something like that about a week ago.  “I hope I never recover from this…” Those were words spoken by William Shatner, the 90 year old former television astronaut,…

Destroy your scale

Diet Space: Destroy Your Bathroom Scale

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of diet culture. It’s the “cancel culture” of the food world, and it’s killing us. The idea of tying our success with health and fitness to how much pressure our bodies apply to the earth below us is just insane. It’s not to say that tracking…