How to Get Started in Triathlon

How to Get Started In Triathlon Video #2: Making a Meaningful Decision

Success in any venture requires persistence, even when things get hard. The quality of the initial decision to start that venture will determine the probability of success.

A hasty decision that is made on a whim, and is not backed with a compelling purpose, puts us at risk of giving up the minute it gets hard (and it will get hard!). The result is a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting, false starts, and relapsing into unhealthy habits.

How can our decisions lead to sustainable results? First, we need to reinforce them with a compelling outcome (our dream), a compelling purpose (a vision that serves us and serves the world), and a compelling set of goals (a path toward success). This will give us the incentive to persist even when it gets hard, and even if we have failures along the way. A decision grounded in these elements can lead to a virtuous cycle of rewarding health, fitness, and happiness.

Stay tuned for video #3 where we create a goal hierarchy, and discuss how to create a path toward ideal outcome.

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